Shreya Talwar, as a young modelling star, aims to break through in the industry

She is one of the youngest models in the country, who has stunned audiences with her modelling talents

Lukhnow : Every day we hear about success stories of people making it huge across their chosen industries. It is amazing to learn more about them as quite a few are teenager professionals who have been pushing the limits and creating their unique niche in their chosen fields. Although the world is aware of the never-ending competition of the fashion and the modelling world, still there have been individuals, especially girls, who have chosen to enter the industry with the aim to stand unique as a model. Doing exactly in the world of modelling and fashion is a potential teenager star named Shreya Talwar.Wondering who is Shreya Talwar? Let us tell you that this young girl is all of 17 years of age and still has managed to make her mark as a model in the ever-so-competitive industry. She is a student studying in Billabong High International School Bhopal, India, and lives with her parents and younger sister.

Though her father has always been a businessman, Shreya was more inclined towards the world of arts and creativity. She always admired the work that models did in the industry and desired to be one among them. From a very early age, she had decided to create milestones in the modelling world and began pursuing the same as a young teenager. It is enthralling to know that this young girl, who believed she could attain massive success in the industry, also proved herself and recently came as the 1st runner up in Mr, Miss & Mrs Supermodel International 2021, the much-talked-about modelling show organized by the prominent company Dreamz Productions House by Sharad Chaudhary.Shreya Talwar was all praises for Sharad Chaudhary and his team behind Dreamz Productions House for putting up a great show like this and giving a great platform to young talents like her, which allowed her to take the first step towards her dreams. Shreya Talwar is confident to take strides in the industry and go up and onwards in her quest to achieve much more in the coming years.


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