Making strides as a young Indian model is Miss Pallavi from Guwahati

From the age of 7, she fell in love with arts and creativity, which allowed her to become a rising name in the modelling world today

Lukhnow : Having the vision to make it huge in one’s chosen industry is one thing, but taking actions towards turning the same into a reality is another thing, something that matters the most. Very few individuals have been able to do that, and standing tall among them is one such young girl named Pallavi, who has been making a lot of buzz in the modelling and fashion world with her passion, sheer talent, intelligence, arresting looks and personality. The modelling space enthralled her from a very early age, and since then, she has been committed to creating her unique niche in the industry, known for its fierce competition.Pallavi stands as one of those rare beauties and talents from Guwahati, who came from humble family backgrounds and went ahead to make her name as a young modelling star. The 18-year-old has done her schooling from St. Mary’s higher secondary school Guwahati Assam and currently is pursuing her graduation in LLB (Hons)from JB law college.

This young girl reveals how since an early age, she and her family had to face many challenges, but they held their ground and, with time, only evolved as stronger individuals.Pallavi today is grabbing eyeballs with her achievement in the modelling world. She attributes this success to her late aunt, Saroj Devi, who introduced her to the art of dancing and modelling when she was only 7. In 2007, when Pallavi won the title of Miss Cheraubi, she instantly fell in love with the art and later even participated in KIIT NANHIPARI LITTLE MISS INDIA IN 2018 for her state. Though she couldn’t make it in the top 10, she decided to hone her skills more as a model and work around her talents to make a bigger comeback. This is how she participated in the noted show held recently titled Mr, Miss & Mrs Supermodel International 2021, organized by Dreamz Production House, helmed by Sharad Chaudhary and earned the title of Miss Most Intelligent at the show. The Guwahati girl is ever grateful to Mr Sharad Chaudhary and his company for giving youngsters an opportunity for making them see their passion with a vision. Miss Pallavi now looks forward to taking giant leaps in the industry and secure a notable status as a young and successful model.



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