‘I dream of turning my writing into a documentary or a film someday,’ says The Leader writer Sarthak Pathroliya

Mumbai : Often, we find ourselves pushed into careers that promise status and financial security, limiting our choices to follow our true passions. Balancing the need for a job and the desire to make a meaningful difference in society can be tough. Yet, there are individuals who break away from these expectations and carve their own paths.

Sarthak Pathroliya, a young law student and the writer behind Pocket FM’s audio series ‘The Leader’, stands out as an inspiring example of successfully juggling passion, work, and personal life.

Talking about balancing his balancing act, Sarthak explained, “I keep things simple and organised when it comes to my studies and pursuing my passion. Every day, I set aside two hours specifically for my writing, making it a priority in my schedule.

Writing means a lot to me, and I make sure to give it the time it deserves in my daily routine because it’s something I hold close to my heart.” Sarthak is a young law student who wants to make a difference in society. When asked why he chose to write, even though he’s studying law, Sarthak shared the inspiration behind his writing journey and said, “Munshi Premchand is like a guiding light for me.

He has changed the way I look at storytelling and motivates me to add depth and realness to my stories. His influence is powerful, giving me a new way to show society in my writing. I am dedicated to my writing, and I hope that in the future, my stories, inspired by his legacy, can make a positive difference in society.”

“For me, writing is more than just a hobby; it’s a way to express my thoughts on political and national issues with society. I like writing stories that talk about our country, suggesting improvements that can make life better for everyone. Studying law gives me a legal and detailed viewpoint, helping me depict these issues in a realistic way,” he added.

Expressing his gratitude towards Pocket FM for providing him a platform to achieve his dreams and aspirations, Sarthak said, “I dream of turning my writing into a documentary or a film someday. I don’t plan on stopping writing, and Pocket FM is the ideal place for me to grow my passion.

Writing is like my retirement plan—a lasting passion that I never want to give up. I believe that one day, with the help of Pocket FM, my dreams will come true.””The Leader” on Pocket FM is a gripping audio series chronicling Dhruv’s extraordinary journey from an ordinary student to the unexpected heir of the globally renowned Heera Chandani Business Group. Dhruv faces intense challenges, including opposition from his own uncle and the hiring of a professional killer, Pulkit, triggering a power struggle within the family.

As the suspense unfolds, listeners are left wondering who will emerge as the rightful leader. The audio series delves into familial ambition, power dynamics, and Dhruv’s internal conflict. With elements of intrigue and suspense, “The Leader” offers an immersive exploration of leadership in a high-stakes business world, exclusively on Pocket FM.






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