Constitution Day 2021: Raj Bhawan Staff Pledges To Live By The Principles Laid Down In The Preamble

Chandigarh : To reinforce the significance of the Constitution of India, the officers and staff of Raj Bhawan, Punjab under Shri Banwarilal Purohit, Governor Punjab & Administrator U.T Chandigarh pledged to live by the principles laid down in the preamble.They read out the Preamble and pledged to uphold its spirit.Commemorating the adoption of the Constitution of India Governor Punjab & Administrator U.T Chandigarh said that there are some days and occasions that strengthen our relationship with the past and inspire us to work towards a better future; Constitution Day is one such historic day.

Our Constitution said he is the quintessential achievement of a global democracy. It not only makes us aware of rights but also makes us aware of our duties.He said that we should take an opportunity today to ponder over our actions and check that we as an individual, as a family, as a society, are serious about our duties as expected from us. “With every action and decision do pose a question to yourself that whatever you are doing, does that strengthen your country; an affirmative answer is an indication that we as citizens are on the right track,” said he.Exhorting the staff he said that focus on the duties is our best endeavour towards strengthening the constitution values. “Let us uphold the ideals of our Constitution and strengthen our commitment to contribute to nation building, said he.”



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