Capt. Amarinder putting his failure of not taking action against drug smugglers on officials : Jarnail Singh

Before elections, Captain had taken oath by holding Sri Gutka Sahib in his hands; not the officials: Jai Kishan Singh Rodi

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Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has accused Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of promoting drug smugglers in the state. In a statement issued from the party headquarters here on Wednesday, AAP’s Punjab Affairs in-charge and MLA from Delhi, Jarnail Singh and Punjab MLA Jai Kishan Singh Rodi said the way unbridled drug mafia has spread its feet in the state; it has not only raised questions on the performance of the government but has also exposed the claims of eradicating drugs from Punjab.Accusing Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of suppressing the report of the Special Task Force (STF) formed three years ago to check drug smuggling; Jarnail Singh said Captain’s officials themselves were accusing the STF of not working. “It is clear from this that the Captain government himself is doing the work of giving shelter to the drug mafia in the state,” he added.He said Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh was trying to avoid taking action against the culprits by citing reports in the court.

Jarnail Singh said the government does not want the big names involved in drug smuggling to be exposed. “What is the reason and why Captain is silent about action against the drug smugglers in the state,” he questioned.Jarnail Singh said the officials of the Captain government were themselves exposing their government, who for the last three years had been citing reports related to the names of the culprits in the court. He said in a news report published on Wednesday, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Anurag Agarwal had claimed that there was no pressure on the STF and that the point of not taking action due to the report in the court was baseless.Taking a dig at Captain Amarinder Singh, the AAP leaders asked why the government was nervous about disclosing the names included in the report. “Is the government giving a free hand to the smugglers in the state? Are the representatives of the government involved in this whole game,” they questioned. The Aam Aadmi Party demanded from the Captain government that the names included in the report should be disclosed at the earliest, so that the culprits can get the harshest punishment.



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