Punjab Government Introduces Free Bus Travel For Blind Individuals’ Assistants, Says Dr. Baljit Kaur

Chandigarh : In a major step to improve accessibility and inclusion, the Punjab Government has announced that assistants of blind individuals can now travel by bus for free. This decision meets a long-standing request from the blind community and highlights the government’s commitment to supporting people with disabilities.
The announcement came during a meeting led by Finance and Planning Minister Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema and Social Security, Women, and Child Development Minister Dr. Baljit Kaur. Principal Secretary Finance Ajoy Kumar Sinha, Special Chief Secretary Social Security, Women and Child Development Mrs. Raji P. Srivastava, Director Dr. Shena Aggarwal, Special Secretary Mrs. Vimmi Bhullar, and Sr. Amarjit Singh Bhullar also attended the meeting.
This initiative shows the government’s dedication to creating an inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities and access to vital services. By offering free bus travel for assistants of blind individuals, the Punjab Government is making a significant move towards enhancing the mobility and independence of people with disabilities.



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