Sachin Tendulkar Backed RRP Electronics Ltd Unveils Semiconductor Milestone With Inauguration Of Cutting-Edge Facility In Maharashtra

Mumbai : RP Electronics Ltd, in a historic collaboration with a prestigious European consortium, proudly announced the inauguration of Maharashtra’s pioneering semiconductor facility. This groundbreaking endeavour signifies a monumental leap forward, positioning Maharashtra as a global powerhouse in semiconductor innovation and manufacturing.
On 23rd March The 25,000 sq ft facility witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr Anil Kakodkar, renowned Indian nuclear physicist and mechanical engineer and legendary cricketer and global cricketing icon Mr. Sachin Tendulkar along with Mr Rajendra K Chodankar – the Founder, Promoter, Chairman and CEO of RRP S4E Innovative Pvt. Ltd. (RRP S4E) officiated the ceremony.
This momentous occasion heralds the dawn of a transformative era in India’s technological landscape. The state-of-the-art OSAT facility is poised to catalyze future growth, paving the path towards establishing a comprehensive R&D centre and an expanded setup encompassing multi-line OSAT and a Fab foundry, bolstered by unwavering support from the Maharashtra Government.
Embarking on a journey of innovation, RRP Electronics Ltd pledges an initial investment of INR 5,000 crores over the forthcoming five years, with equal vigour and commitment earmarked for phase II. The company remains steadfast in its pursuit of leveraging government subsidies to augment this ambitious venture.
In alignment with its steadfast commitment to excellence, RRP Electronics Ltd remains dedicated to serving key sectors such as automotive, power, electronics, and industrial markets, while concurrently propelling advancements in semiconductor-based technology. This ethos of innovation is poised to redefine industry benchmarks and propel the nation to unprecedented technological zeniths.
As a vanguard in the electronics industry, RRP Electronics Ltd epitomizes a relentless pursuit of technological advancement through strategic partnerships, innovation, and unwavering dedication to research and development. The inauguration of this cutting-edge facility underscores RRP’s pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of semiconductor technology, not only in India but on a global scale.
Mr Rajendra K Chodankar – the Founder, Promoter, Chairman and CEO of RRP S4E Innovative Pvt. Ltd. (RRP S4E) says “I am exhilarated by the unveiling of Maharashtra’s pioneering semiconductor facility by RRP Electronics Ltd. This momentous occasion not only marks a significant stride in our technological journey but also symbolizes our unwavering commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of semiconductor technology.
With this monumental endeavour, we stand poised to revolutionize the industry landscape, cementing Maharashtra’s position as a global leader in semiconductor innovation. Together, we embark on a journey of relentless pursuit towards excellence, propelling RRP S4E and the nation to unparalleled heights of technological prowess and prosperity” further adding ”We are honoured to have Mr. Sachin Tendulkar as the strategic investor, he brings a great amount of value addition”
Dr Anil Kakodkar, renowned Indian nuclear physicist and mechanical engineer quotes, ”The inauguration of Maharashtra’s pioneering semiconductor facility marks a quantum leap in India’s technological prowess. I am honoured to be part of this transformative journey, propelling our nation towards unparalleled innovation and global leadership in semiconductor technology”
Sachin Tendulkar says “We live in exciting times today, when India is building industries that positively impact the world tomorrow. I’m happy to be backing technologies and entrepreneurs who are part of this story. My support for RRP Electronics’ foray into semiconductors stems from this belief. I wish the team at RRP Electronics all the very best for their endeavours”
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