Don’t play with life’s of medical student : Rajeshwer Singh

Jammu : Today rajeshwer singh vice president jammu province youth National Conference Said that government and administration is playing with the life of medical students, singh said that this is not the right for conducting any examination as the Covid19 pandemic is raging and spreading faster than before.The administration must cancel the exams of the MBBS student so that student can stay safe, singh said that parents of the students are also pointing out the risk involved in sitting in an examination at this time, and they are not feeling safe to send their children for the examination ,Singh said that God forbid if anyone of the student or examination team is infected then it will affect all of them and it will not stop just there only it may also infect their families, singh said that the examination is not more important than the life .Singh further added that all ascoms and GMC (jammu) students are at home and many of them are at far area Kashmir,ladakh and delhi how can they come at in this prevailing pandemic time.Singh also pointed out that the administration must immediately cancel the examination so that the people can stay safe,and they should do a mass promotion of the students, singh again condemned this decision of the administration and requested administration to cancel the examination of M.B.B.S student ,and If the administration feels that the examination is so important, then they can conduct online examination, so that students can be safe, but for that also administration has to restore 4g first.

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