Minister Sridhar Babu Inaugurates Innovera Pharma’s New Site in New Jersey During USA Visit

USA : In a significant stride towards helping Telangana companies and entrepreneurs scale globally, Minister Sridhar Babu inaugurated Innovera Pharma’s latest site in New Jersey, USA, during his recent visit. The roots of this robust collaboration were established during a key meeting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos wherein Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Revanth Reddy and Hon Minister Mr. Sridhar Babu led a delegation earlier this year. These discussions paved the way for the company to invest in Telangana.
Solidifying this partnership, within 30 days of announcement, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on February 22, 2024, in Suryapet, Telangana. This event marked the commencement of a significant project aimed at enhancing local manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure.
Minister Sridhar Babu’s recent inauguration of Innovera Pharma’s new site in New Jersey signifies a milestone in the company’s global efforts. This state-of-the-art facility is expected to play a crucial role in expanding Innovera Pharma’s research, development, and production capabilities.
His presence at the inauguration highlights the importance of international collaboration and the Telangana government’s commitment to supporting innovative companies in their global endeavors.The partnership also exemplifies how regional governments can support enterprises in scaling their operations globally.
By fostering such alliances, Telangana continues to position itself as a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, attracting investments and enhancing its global footprint. This active partnership not only strengthens Innovera Pharma’s global presence but also reinforces Telangana’s status as a pivotal player in the global healthcare landscape.
About Innovera Pharma:
Innovera Pharmaceuticals specializes in the development of unique generic and branded products possessing development barriers. Innovera have the experience of developing several challenging products including patent challenges and setting up vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies that manufacture active raw materials, finished dosage forms and sell the finished products in the United States as well as globally.


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