International Sikh Martial Arts Council resolves for advancement of Gatka worldwide

London : With the aim of promoting, advancing, and preserving the Sikh martial art Gatka on a global scale, the International Sikh Martial Arts Council (Komantri Sikh Shastar Vidya Council) convened a special meeting in Hayes, London, where they committed to nurturing the growth and expansion of this traditional sport.

The meeting was chaired by Council Chairman Harjeet Singh Grewal, a recipient of a state award, who highlighted the remarkable progress achieved in the field of Gatka sport and unveiled ambitious plans for the future. Harjeet Singh Grewal, who is also President of World Gatka Federation, announced that with consistent support of Sangat Gatka stick game would be  gradually included in international events like the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and ultimately, the Olympic Games.

Present in the meeting were prominent individuals including Sarbjit Singh Grewal of Safetech Systems Ltd., Pratap Singh Momi, Kewal Singh Randhawa, Amrik Singh Sidhu, Gurmeet Singh Hanjara, Harvinder Singh Grewal, Rajinder Singh Thind, Gurtej Singh UK Builder, Palwinder Singh of Kulcha Express, Sukhjeevan Singh Sodhi, Rupinder Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Jaswant Singh Grewal, and Balwant Singh Grewal, among others.

Sarabjit Singh Grewal, Director of International Sikh Martial Arts Council UK chapter, emphasized the significant progress of Gatka in England over the past 12 years, under the leadership of Gatka Federation UK president and Member of Parliament, Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi. He congratulated all attendees for the success of the 9th National Gatka competition recently held in Hayes, London.

During the event, Sarabjit Singh Grewal and all participants expressed their unwavering support for the International Sikh Martial Arts Council and the World Gatka Federation. They resolved to ensure the success of the upcoming tenth National Gatka Championship in the UK, scheduled to take place in England next year.




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