Iran capable of producing 90% enriched uranium : Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani, Tehran

Tehran : Outgoing Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the country is capable of producing enriched uranium of 90 per cent purity.In pursuing the peaceful use of nuclear technology, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has shown its capability and power to produce enriched uranium at higher degrees (of purity), Xinhua news agency quoted Rouhani as saying in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.”If one day 90 per cent (enriched uranium) is needed for a reactor, we have no problem in doing so in a peaceful way,” he added.Even the pressure from former US President Donald Trump could not halt the progress of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Rouhani noted.After a blackout struck the Natanz enrichment facility in April, Iran accused Israel of sabotaging the nuclear site and announced that it began to produce uranium enriched at 60 per cent purity.



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