Who plundered treasury of Punjab, AAP government will investigate: Arvind Kejriwal

Sidhu's courage deserves praise, but entire Congress working to suppress Navjot: Arvind Kejriwal

Amritsar : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday slammed the ruling Congress and Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, quoting Punjab Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu, while answering questions of media-persons in a very candid and clear manner at a press conference; he also mentioned about the right time for the AAP to announce the face of the Chief Minister in view of the 2022 elections. At the same time, Arvind Kejriwal announced that after the formation of the AAP government, there would be an in-depth inquiry into who emptied Punjab’s treasury and how. The influential people involved in this blind looting of treasure will not be spared, he added.Responding to questions from reporters about Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kejriwal said, “Sidhu’s courage must be commended. While sitting next, when Chief Minister Channi was claiming sand and electricity to be cheaper, Navjot Singh Sidhu immediately said that Channi was lying. Sidhu is raising issues of the people but the whole Congress is suppressing him. Like Captain, now Channi Sahib is also targeting Sidhu.”Where will the money come from for the announcements being made by Kejriwal? In response to this question, Kejriwal said, “Everyone is saying that the treasury is empty.

For 20-25 years, the Congress-Captain and Badals-BJP ruled the state and together looted Punjab’s treasury. We will do an in-depth investigation on the formation of the AAP government. Sheila Dikshit’s 15-year government also emptied Delhi’s coffers, but Kejriwal knows how to fill the empty coffers; because Kejriwal does not allow the mafia to get close, while Channi has sand mafia on his right and transport and liquor mafia on his left. They can only be filled by eliminating the mafia, which they (Badal-Congress) cannot do.”Commenting on the announcement of the Chief Minister’s face, Arvind Kejriwal said, “If any party gives the face of the Chief Minister before the elections, then the election campaign goes up. That is why the face of the Chief Minister is announced in close proximity to the Electoral Code. Even the Congress has not yet decided whether Sidhu or Randhawa or Channi Sahib will remain. The BJP also did not announce faces in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Goa. That is why we will also announce a face close to the code of conduct, but I must make it clear that the face of the CM in Punjab will not be Arvind Kejriwal.”In response to a question, Kejriwal said, “When a person or MLA does not get a party ticket, he gets resentful. Some agree and some go to another party. Today, 25 Congress MLAs and 2 MPs are in touch with us. This is my challenge, but we do not get into such competitions. We do not believe in dirty politics nor do we collect rubbish from others.”Replying to a question, Kejriwal said that it was not right to call Rs 1,000 per month to women, free education to the people, free treatment and free electricity and water; as freebies. In Western countries, it is called social security, but one thing we have decided is that the government facilities that ministers enjoy for free will be given to the general public. According to Kejriwal, the ministers and politicians have become the biggest freebies.



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