Weekend curfew ‘successful’, Covid cases declining in Delhi : Satyendar Jain

New Delhi : Calling weekend curfew “successful” in curbing the COVID-19 cases, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Sunday said the infections are declining but a close tab is being kept on the cases, and restrictions will be reviewed only after monitoring the pandemic situation for three to four days.”On the 14th of January, Delhi recorded approximately 24,383 positive cases, while on the 15th of January, Delhi recorded 20,178 new cases, and today, Delhi is expected to record 17,000 positive cases. Weekend curfews have played a significant role in this decline. This trend indicates that the number of cases in Delhi is decreasing, but the government is still keeping a close eye on the Covid cases, and it will take some time to understand the trend,” he said.

The minister also emphasised that those who are unvaccinated are at risk of contracting Corona more than the rest.He said that most of those affected by corona who are admitted to the hospital are those who are either unvaccinated or are co-morbid.”In Delhi, 100 per cent of eligible people have received their first dose of vaccination, and 80 per cent of people have received their second dose of vaccination,” he said.People who are eligible for a booster dose should get that as soon as possible.”I would like to thank all the frontline workers and all the doctors for reaching this milestone,” he said, urging people to get their second dose of vaccination as soon as possible.The Delhi government is prepared to arrange a total of 37,000 beds. At the moment, 15,000 beds are operational. We can double the number of beds overnight if necessary, but because the number of hospitalised patients is currently low, the need to increase the number of beds doesn’t seem to arise soon, the minister added.





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