BJP’s Central Government is forcing the ED to arrest Delhi Cabinet Minister Satyendar Jain ahead of Punjab Elections: Arvind Kejriwal

We are unfazed by their vendetta politics; waiting to host the ED with open arms: Arvind Kejriwal

Chandigarh/ New Delhi : Aam Aadmi Party’s rise throughout the country has become a thorn in the eye for the BJP. AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal today informed that BJP’s Central Government is forcing the ED to arrest Delhi Cabinet Minister Shri Satyendar Jain ahead of Punjab Assembly Elections 2022. He stated — We are unfazed by their vendetta politics; waiting to host the ED with open arms. This is an old trick of the BJP, when it realises it will lose elections, it sends out the central agencies to prey on us. BJP has gotten two raids conducted on Shri Satyendar Jain till now but hasn’t been able to find even a rupee not accounted for. When you walk on the path of Satya, you are bound to be met with such obstacles; our conscience is clear, we have nothing to fear. Appeal to the BJP to send out the CBI, Income Tax and Delhi Police behind us too; we’ll be happy to have them as well. Neither do we fear the jails, nor do we fear the BJP Government’s raids; come what may, we are here to serve Delhi. We won’t spiral into a hue and cry spectacle like Charanjit Singh Channi Ji; he was on the wrong side and his mountains of cash have been exposed. We know we have not done anything wrong, we have faced this earlier too, we are just waiting for them to come now. If BJP wants they can raid my house or Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia and party’s Punjab CM candidate Shri Bhagwant Mann well. We will all welcome them with wide smiles.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “The election season is here. Five states await the change of government this time around. Naturally, the BJP has now turned towards the agencies at the disposal of its Central Government and is making the officers work relentlessly to attack the opposition. We have gotten to know through our sources that the BJP Government is forcing the Enforcement Directorate to arrest Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendar Jain before the Punjab Elections. They are trying to frame him in false and imaginary charges so they can hurt AAP’s electoral frays.”He continued, “As a party and as a family, we have just one thing to say — you are all welcome; we are waiting for you with open arms. The Central Government has conducted malicious raids against Satyendar Jain two times prior to this as well. They couldn’t find even a pennyworth’s mistake back then. We’ll be happy to have them around this time as well. We have nothing to fear.”The Delhi CM went ahead to talk about the cheap antics adopted by the BJP and said, “This conspiracy is being hatched during the peak of the elections so there won’t just be raids. Probably, there will be arrests too. We are not afraid of that as well. Once you tread on the path of Satya, you are ready to overcome all these obstacles as well. In fact, we’d appeal to the BJP, send out CBI, Income Tax and Delhi Police to prey on us as well. Why arrest only Satyendar Jain, go ahead and arrest as many of us as you want. We don’t fear you or your puppets.

Our conscience is clear. Our party thrives on the fabric of honesty and integrity. We are ready for the struggle, come what may.”He added, “Be it me, Manish Sisodia or Satyendar Jain, we have all faced raids out of political vendetta. 21 of our MLAs were arrested. But in the end, the Courts ridiculed the BJP and rubbished the charges they framed us in. What’ll happen with Satyendar Jain? They’ll send him to jail, he’ll come out on bail after 5-10 days. They won’t have a single proof for the courts to see. We don’t fear raids, we don’t fear jails. We are standing here, undeterred and unfazed.”Talking about the recent raids on the nephew of Punjab CM Shri Charanjit Singh Channi, he said, “We won’t spiral into a hue and cry like Channi Ji. We won’t get flustered like he has. He has been making a spectacle out of the raids conducted on his relatives because he knows he is the wrong one out there. Everyone by now has seen the mountains of cash he was sitting on that got exposed during the raids. The people of Punjab are in utter shock that something like this could have panned out in a mere 111 days.”Shri Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “We know we haven’t done anything wrong. We have seen these raids earlier as well. The Centre and the BJP can send out as many henchmen as they want. We are prepared. Don’t hesitate in sending them to my house or Manish Sisodia’s house too. In fact, send them to Bhagwant Mann’s house as well. We all will be very happy to host you and will welcome you with wide smiles.”



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