Ed Sheeran, Armaan Malik collaborate for song ‘2Step’

Mumbai : Pop icons Armaan Malik and Ed Sheeran have collaborated for a new version of ‘2Step’, which dropped on Tuesday. The two hit machines bring their musical prowess and their style of rendition to the reimagined song.

Armaan shares, “‘2Step’ talks about the challenges an artiste faces in his career, and the importance of having your partner by your side through it all, and I feel like I can relate to every word written by Ed Sheeran.

“So when I was approached for this project and given the brief, I knew right away that my lyrics had to address the numerous experiences that have bothered me for years.” He adds, “Being a successful young singer in this industry is not as glossy as it seems.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, and contrary to popular belief, I never had things laid out for me on a platter. “I’ve reached this stage of my career thanks to years and years of hard work. In my verse, I’ve expressed a lot of my inner feelings, stuff that I’ve kept bottled up inside of me for a long time.

I’m glad I got this opportunity to speak my heart out and be my most authentic self.” Ed Sheeran’s ‘2Step’ featuring Armaan Malik is now available on all music streaming platforms.




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