Modi government’s biggest achievement is creating hope, pride and ambition in the national psyche: Arun Sood

Chandigarh : With the Modi government 2.0 having completed one year in office, a Press Conference addressed by the BJP Chandigarh State President Arun Sood, was held at the party state HQ, Kamlam, today.Briefing the newspersons Arun Sood said that as promised during the elections, the work of NDA 2.0 has been to build upon the outstanding work done during the NDA 1.0. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in 2104, had inherited a country that was in a bad shape on all counts. Innumerable corruption scams had drained the country not only of its financial resources but also of the resolve of its people. Policy paralysis and deep pervading sense of hopelessness prevailed.The biggest achievement of the Modi governments has been to instill hope, pride and ambition in the National psyche.From a tottering economy under Modi 1.0 India surpassed France to become 6th largest economy worldwide and the third largest global economy on PPP (purchasing power parity) scale, just behind United States and China.While initially Modi ji was criticized by the opposition for his foreign visits today even they realize the importance of his far sightedness. The international friendships built have helped the country and at all times since then. Various nations have stood by India at all crucial junctures cornering our hostile nations. Special provisions were made by countries for evacuation of Indians. Germany even pitched the European Union countries to pass resolution in United Nation Security Council to declare Masood Azhar a global terrorist. India was even invited to OIC despite opposition by Pakistan. Today USA is insisting on India’s membership to G7.
Under the leadership of Narendra Modi India shrugged off its image of a soft defensive state. Surgical strikes in Pak occupied Kashmir, destroying Pakistan based terrorist bases, Doklam Standoff, release of Wing Commander AbhiNandan in less than 3 days, all informed the world that India was no longer a push over.Another great achievement was that while the conduct of previous Congress governments had got the people consider politics as synonymous with corruption, Modi Govt remained clean without any scandals and scams.Not only was the government clean but the focus of PM Modi on cleanliness through Swachh Bharat was remarkable. Even more than physical, it was the attempt of Mr Modi to alter the National psyche, sensitise it to cleanliness, which in itself is a herculean task. We can well imagine how much this has helped during the Covid pandemic.
Goods and Services Tax, termed as the biggest tax revolution since independence was approved moving towards’ One Nation One Tax’.A host of other schemes highlighted the work done such as Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojna, Krishi Sinchai Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna, and Sukanya Samridhi Yojna have been directly focused for the rural population to increase their standard of life. . Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojna, more than five crore BPL households got cooking fuel connections for a nominal amount of Rs 1,600.The government achieved the electrification of 100% Indian villages. Though, it has taken over 70 years since independence, it is no small feat, considering there were over 18,000 villages without electricity before Narendra Modi became the prime minister.A robust DBT ecosystem was built around the Jan Dhan, Aadhar, Mobile trinity for ensuring direct and transparent transfer of benefits into the accounts of crores of beneficiaries. This weeded out the middlemen and corruption, ensuring betterment of the people. Today, this has proved to be a blessing in getting money across to the needy during lockdown situation.
Carrying on and building upon the excellent performance of Modi 1.0, the work of Modi 2.0 has been historic. With extremely deft and careful planning and handling, such issues were resolved that had always been considered unresolvable. So much so that any attempt to resolve them was expected to create wide spread unrest and violence.Decision to revoke article-370 and to make Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories is not just historic but correction of a historic wrong. As a uniform and seamlessly integrated part of India, this will bring equitable growth and progress of the region that had only been used for political gains.Law related to triple talaq was another major step in ensuring justice and parity.By enacting the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the Modi Government has protected the dignity of people belonging to the Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain and Parsi religions who faced religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan . This decision underscored India’s humanitarian approach.After the unanimous decision of the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court, the way for the construction of Shri Ram Temple was paved and the trust for the temple construction was established by the Modi Government as per the order of the court.
Owning to the commitment and efforts of the Modi Government, the construction work has commenced.Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Central government has solved the long-standing issue for Sikh devotees by ensuring access to Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib.Through the Bru-Reang Refugee agreement, the Modi Government has found a permanent and peaceful solution to a complex problem which has existed in the NorthEast region for 23 years. The agreement has paved the way for settlement of 34,000 people belonging to the Bru community in Tripura. The Modi Government also declared a package of Rs 600 crore to meet basic development needs of the community.In sync with its dedication to peace and security in India, the Modi Government signed the Bodo agreement to permanently resolve the problem troubling Assam since long, laying the foundation for peace in the region.On the economic front India has move From fragile five to top five. It is a huge achievement for India to become the world’s fifth largest economy with a GDP of $2.94 trillion. Jumping from 142nd to 63rd rank in the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings in six years has created a more conducive business environment. The decision to merge 10 state-run banks into 4 large banks has given a new impetus to the country’s economy. India’s farmers and traders have benefitted from India’s decision to not sign the RCEP free trade agreement.New Dimensions have been added to National Security. The decision to appoint the Chief of Defence Staff for the first time in the country, policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against terrorism, with amended Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and the arrival of the first Rafale aircraft are all strides in that direction.With the worldwide pandemic hitting it became imperative for the government to help the citizens overcome the economic hardships that this brought about.
The Modi government, through its Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, over 5 days unveiled its plan to not only give relief to every section of the society but also to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the market to kick start the economy reeling under the Corona impact.The unprecedented Rs 20 lakh Crore package was to be appreciated both for its breadth and depth. The needs and pain points of every segment of the society, from daily workers and migrant laborers to high end corporates was addressed in the package.The package has been a careful blend of short term relief and long term measures which will propel India to be an economic powerhouse. Realising that the private sector has an extremely important role to play in making India a 5 trillion dollar economy all sector, including space and atomic energy, have been opened to it. On the other side of the spectrum old methodologies have been dismantled to ensure that the farmers become free to market their produce where they like and get the best price for it.The focus of the package of course is Atam Nirbharta. To make the country self reliant. Realizing the changing geo-political equations ease of doing business has been enhanced to make India an attractive manufacturing destination for the companies of the world, going right up to setting up of aviation MRO in the country.Micro level issues from arranging food grains even for those without ration cards to having ‘one-nation-one-ration card’ scheme all are encompassed. Strengthening the federal structure, economic backbone, socialistic ideals and so much more will help India regain its glory.Now, considering the current situation in the country as well as completion of 1 year of the Modi government, the party has planned a series of activities.
These have broadly been covered under the heads of :
• Personal contact
• Digital Contact and
• Virtual contact
Personal contact:
The programs under this head include:
Distribution of a letter written by the Prime Minister to 10 crore households. This letter talks about, “Atamnirbhar Bharat”, India’s role in global wellbeing, a resolve by the citizens to follow a healthy lifestyle and adhere to the precautions for avoiding Corona. Teams of maximum 2 people will undertake this activity and will avoid containment zones, quarantine centres and public places.
Large scale distribution of face covers and sanitisers.
Inform the press of all of the above through a press conference.
All workers to resolve to prefer Indian and Indigenous products.
Digital Contact:
Encourage the people to listen to the live FB address of the National Party President, Sh J P Nadda ji. This was a great success.
Widespread circulation of the digital edition of the party newsletter Kamal sandesh.
Mass circulation of small videos to be released by the party on Corona precautions, the positive actions of the Govt and the very active and effective role played by various units of the party during Corona endemic.
Virtual contact
In an unprecedented activity in consonance with the current scenario BJP will hold mass attended virtual rallies.
About 1000 virtual conferences will be held to addressed by the State leadership.
Every Morcha of the party will conduct at least 500 such video conferences to spread information on the achievements of the Government.
The features of the historic economic package announced by the Modi government to be informed to all sections of the society so that they can take advantage of them.

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