All-round development of Sohna due to the Rail-Road Network : Manohar Lal

Chief Minister addresses Vikas Rally in village Sarmathala of Sohna region

Sohna (Gurugram) : Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal said that rail-road network is the fulcrum of development and the connectivity of Sohna region with this developmental network will lead to all-round development of the area and enhancement of employment opportunities here. About 5 railway and road corridors from Sohna region will strengthen the industrial development along with enhancing employment in Sohna region.The Chief Minister was addressing the gathering at a Vikas Rally organised in village Sarmathala of Sohna Assembly Constituency today. Before the Rally, the Chief Minister also unveiled a 23-feet tall statue of Maharana Pratap in the village. The convener of the Vikas Rally and MLA from Sohna, Kanwar Sanjay Singh felicitated the Chief Minister and other guests on the stage.Pleased by the huge gathering at the rally, the Chief Minister said that he has come to Sohna earlier as well but has never come across such an enthusiastic gathering prior to this. The Chief Minister also sanctioned an amount of Rs.125 crore for about 50 developmental projects in Sohna region and gave a bonanza of developmental schemes to Sohna region.Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal while congratulating the people of Sohna region said that at present several developmental works are going on in Sohna, including KMP Expressway, Orbit Railway Corridor, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Western Dedicated Expressway and Gurugram-Alwar Highway, which will pave the way for industrial development in the region. At the same time, with the advent of industrial units, the youth of the area will also get employment and it will further bring prosperity to the area.He said that today is a historic day in which we have got the opportunity to unveil the statue of the great warrior Maharana Pratap. He added that various developmental works are gaining momentum post Corona period. He said that today the government is moving ahead on the path shown by brave heroes like Maharana Pratap and the dream which was envisioned in the year 2014 is getting fulfilled gradually. He said that while maintaining complete transparency with e-governance, the government is taking steps with a view to ensure that the benefits of the schemes reach each and every person of the society.

Haryana’s SVAMITVA Scheme becomes model for the country
The Chief Minister said that in the last seven years, the government has implemented the schemes in the spirit of public service. He proudly said that today the developmental schemes of Haryana are becoming exemplary in the country. The Prime Minister had said this and it is a big thing for me, he said. Citing an example, he said that the Haryana Government has done the work of giving the ownership of land to the villagers by making it Lal Dora-free in the villages of the State. Now, people in the villages are being handed over their land documents by linking them with the SVAMITVA Scheme. He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, for appreciating the working style of the Haryana Government at a public platform recently. He said that the Haryana Government is working with the ideology of equal development without discrimination and the government is fulfilling its responsibility in giving a concrete shape to various welfare schemes so that every eligible person gets the benefits of the scheme effectively. He said that during the time of the previous governments people’s representatives were confined to their respective areas, but after the present government formed the government in the State in 2014, with the slogan ‘Haryana Ek, Haryanvi Ek’, meaningful initiatives were made for development.

Needy families will be covered in Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan scheme
Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that the Haryana Government is moving ahead with the goal of covering each and every poor and needy person under Mukhya Mantri Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana. He said that according to the survey in Sohna region, all the families who are living below poverty line will be benefitted by taking steps at the departmental level so as to increase their income by connecting them with various ongoing government schemes.He said that today developmental works are being done in every field in the entire state and the government is contributing towards women empowerment, including creating employment for farmers, labourers and the youth. Besides this, the process of giving Rs 1,100 with a box of sweets through the administration at the wedding of a girl has been started by the Government. He told the farmers that along with the availability of seeds, the government is cooperating at every step to ensure smooth sale of the crop in the market. He said to the farmers that there is no shortage of DAP in any form and adequate quantity of manure is being provided to every farmer of the State and asked them not to make unnecessary storage. He said that in order that no area of Haryana should remain neglected in any way, he himself is taking the initiative to give the gift of developmental schemes in the second term of the government and today he has initiated this from Sohna Assembly Constituency.

Warriors like Maharana Pratap are our source of inspiration – Sh. Mool Chand
Welcoming the Chief Minister in the Vikas Rally, Haryana Transport Minister, Sh. Mool Chand Sharma said that the government is working on the path shown by immortal warriors like Maharana Pratap. He said that today everyone is participating in the developmental change taking place in the State with equal development and Haryana is being recognized across the world.The convener of the Vikas Rally and MLA from Sohna, Sh. Kanwar Sanjay Singh placed a demand letter before the Chief Minister regarding the developmental plans. He said that the people of Sohna are now becoming a participant in the development of the State and the public welfare decisions of the Government will give a new look to the people.On this occasion, MLAs, Sh. Nayanpal Rawat, Sh. Satyaprakash Jarawata, Media Advisor to CM, Sh. Amit Arya, Media Coordinator, Sh. Mukesh Vashisht, CM’s Political Secretary Ajay Gaur, and other dignitaries of the area were present.



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