PM Modi Criticizes Congress, Highlights BJP Achievements in Shimla and Mandi Rallies

In Rally, Modi Promises Unwavering Support for Himachal’s Development and Heritage

Shimla/Mandi : Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed public meetings in Shimla and Mandi, Himachal Pradesh on Friday. Hon’ble Shri Modi ji criticized the corruption, misgovernance, and anti-women policies of Congress party while highlighting the welfare and developmental initiatives undertaken by the BJP-NDA.
During the event, BJP Himachal Pradesh President Shri Rajiv Bindal, Shimla Lok Sabha candidate Shri Suresh Kashyap, Mandi Lok Sabha candidate Sushri Kangana Ranaut, former Haryana CM Shri Jairam Thakur and other leaders were present on the stage.
Shri Modi remarked that while he was acquainted with Nahar and Sirmaur, the ambiance today felt entirely different. I used to work within the organization, organizing elections among people, but I’ve never been able to hold such a large rally here in Sirmaur.
Today’s rally will be the biggest in the history of Sirmaur. The love and blessings of the people always make me feel like a Himachali. Coming to Sirmaur reminds me of the late Shri Shyama Sharma, Shri Chandra Mohan Thakur, Shri Baldev Bhandari, Shri Jagat Negi, and all the Karyakartas.
These fond memories are a treasure for me. Even when the country didn’t know Modi, you all never lacked in giving me blessings and love. Times have changed, but Modi hasn’t. The relationship between Modi and Himachal remains as strong as ever.
You will be glad to know that just as I proudly declare Himachal as my home while serving as the Prime Minister of India, similarly, a former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai says that Himachal is his home. Mandi Lok Sabha constituency spans from one end to the other, connecting the Beas and Sutlej rivers, encompassing remote areas like Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti, Pangi, and Bharmour.
Despite these challenging terrains, people have come from far and wide for such a large gathering today. Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that I have come to seek your blessings for the formation of a BJP government for the third time. I don’t seek blessings for myself, nor for my family, nor for my community.
I am seeking blessings to build a strong India. I seek blessings for the development of “Viksit Bharat” and for the progress of “Viksit Himachal.” The nation has witnessed five phases of elections, and it is certain that the BJP-NDA government is going to be formed.
Himachal will make it a hat-trick with BJP winning 4 seats and Congress zero. The people of Devbhumi don’t let anything go to waste, so no Himachali will let their vote go in vain. The people of Himachal will vote for the party that will form the government, and the government will be formed by the one whom the people of Himachal vote for and people have stamped their approval with the slogan “Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar.”
Shri Modi stated that Himachal Pradesh is a state bordered by boundaries and its people understand the significance of a strong and resilient government. Modi will go to great lengths for you, but he will never let you face adversity. During the weak governance of the Congress, Pakistan would often challenge us, but under Modi’s strong leadership, India asserted itself.
Modi declared that India will no longer beg in front of the world, we will fight our own battles, and indeed, India struck back when it was attacked within its borders. The lofty mountains of Himachal have taught me to keep my spirits high. The snow-capped hills of Himachal have also taught me to work with a cool mind.
The mountains have taught me to hold my head high with pride, and I cannot tolerate any disrespect towards Maa Bharti. However, Congress seems to have a problem even with saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.” Congress seems to have difficulty even in saying “Vande Mataram”. Such a Congress can never do any good for Himachal.
Hon’ble Prime Minister pointed out that Congress had neglected the border areas of India, leaving them in a dire state. They didn’t build roads in ‘border’ states because they feared that enemies might infiltrate through those roads. Such cowardly thinking doesn’t align with Modi’s temperament.
Unlike Congress, Modi has invested many times more funds to build roads and infrastructure on the borders. Today, hundreds of kilometers of roads have been constructed along the border, significantly improving the lives of both the soldiers and civilians residing in these areas.
For four decades, Congress stalled the implementation of “One Rank One Pension,” disregarding the aspirations of former soldiers. In 2013, when the BJP declared me as the Prime Ministerial candidate, my first rally was held for ex-servicemen in Rewari.
I assured them that I would implement ‘One Rank One Pension’, which scared the Congress. Overnight, in a rush, they allocated a token amount of ₹500 crore and claimed that they would implement ‘One Rank One Pension’. It was nothing short of mockery and insult for the entire armed forces community.
It was Modi who implemented ‘One Rank One Pension’ and ₹1.25 lakh crore have already been given to our soldiers. That’s why people say that when Modi gives a guarantee, it’s a “Guarantee Puri Hone ki Guarantee.”Shri Modi highlighted that on one hand, there is Modi’s guarantee, and on the other hand, there is Congress’ model of destruction.
Congress deceived the people of Himachal Pradesh with plenty of lies and false promises just to gain power. The people of Himachal trusted them, but the promises made to be fulfilled in the first cabinet were not fulfilled; instead, the cabinet itself fell apart.
Congress had promised to give ₹1,500 to the people, but they didn’t fulfill that promise. They had also promised to provide financial assistance, but nobody received it. In the first cabinet, they pledged to create one lakh jobs, but they failed to do so. This is ‘Taalebaaz’ Congress, which has even locked the commission that conducts job exams.
The royal family of Delhi, which betrayed Himachal, never looked back. I have been among you for 30 years, and there has hardly been a time when I haven’t visited Himachal. Even when I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, I received love from the people of Himachal. I owe a debt to Himachal, and I am always looking for opportunities to repay it.
Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that Palampur, located nearby, was the venue for the BJP’s working committee meeting, where they committed to constructing a Bhavya Ram Mandir in Ayodhya during a convention. Himachal Pradesh is the ‘Sankalp Bhoomi’ for the construction of the Ram Mandir.
The historic pledge taken in Himachal has now been fulfilled. The people have waited for this moment, and many sacrificed their lives. It’s not Modi who ended this wait, but the strength of the votes of the people. Indeed, the power of one vote revoked Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.
Your one vote led to the creation of the Citizenship Amendment Act, granting citizenship to Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist refugees. One vote transformed India into the world’s 5th largest economy, and it was the people’s vote that paved the way for 33% reservation for women in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies.
The country is on the verge of rejecting Congress for the third consecutive time. Congress seems to prefer an India mired in poverty, crisis, and citizen problems. Congress aims to put the country’s development in reverse gear. Congress is announcing that if they come to power, they will bring back Article 370, repeal the CAA, and dismantle India’s nuclear weapons.
Modi has pledged for a Uniform Civil Code, advocating for equal rights under the law for all citizens, regardless of their religion. Congress, on the other hand, opposes the Uniform Civil Code and supports Sharia law under the guise of protecting Muslim personal law. The country and Himachal Pradesh do not accept such a Congress.
Shri Modi highlighted that there are three things common in Congress and the entire INDI alliance: first, they are highly communal; second, they are extremely casteist; and third, they are deeply entrenched in family politics. I will uncover the extent of embezzlement that has occurred with the funds allocated during times of disaster, and identify those responsible for looting.
I pledge to return these funds directly to the people of Mandi. The people of Himachal Pradesh have been fed up with this deceitfulness for years. These three traits are shared by all these parties. For 60 years, Congress never considered that there could be poor people within the general category, and they never cared about them.
Congress never thought about the general community, but Modi provided 10 percent reservation for the poor in this category, and there was no conflict in the country because of it. This reservation was not taken from anyone by force. Today, due to this effort, even the poor in the general category are getting opportunities in different places.
Congress did not provide reservation to Giripar’s Hathi community as well. Today, I have come to alert the people of Himachal Pradesh about another conspiracy of the Congress and the INDI alliance. These people are playing many games to destroy India.
Our Constitution and Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar has provided reservation for the SC, ST and OBC communities, but the Congress and its allies want to abolish this reservation and give it to those communities who talk about vote jihad, their vote bank.
As soon as the Congress government was formed in Karnataka, they snatched away the reservation rights of the OBCs and gave it to Muslims. This election is an opportunity to give the Congress an answer that the people of the country will not let them break the country. Just two days ago, the Calcutta High Court abolished the reservation for 77 Muslim communities in Bengal.
The INDI alliance had included 77 Muslim communities in the OBC category, depriving the OBC community of their rights. This step was a blatant violation of the Constitution by the INDI alliance, but the court took this issue seriously. However, now the leaders of the INDI alliance, including Mamata Banerjee, are in a state of panic.
Mamata Banerjee has even refused to comply directly with the court’s orders. For them, the Constitution and the courts hold no significance; their sole concern is their vote bank.Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that people who live off their ancestors’ legacy cannot build a nation; rather, it’s those who rise from the soil and touch the heights of mountains.
Today, India is being shaped by young people who are starting future startups and sending satellites into space, as well as women flying drones in fields and combat aircraft in the sky. Mandi candidate Sushri Kangana Ranaut is not just a candidate but a representative of the aspirations of daughters. Sushri Kangana has proven that daughters too can succeed in new fields with the power of their beliefs.
However, Congress makes derogatory comments about Sushri Kangana Ranaut. These comments are disrespecting Mandi, Chhoti Kashi, Himachal Pradesh, and every woman of Himachal. In a Himachal where goddesses like Maa Jwala and Maa Chintapurni are worshiped, the Congress royal family has not even apologized for insulting the daughter of that place.
The entire Congress is anti-women. But it is Modi who guarantees a safe environment and new heights for our country’s women. Modi has provided opportunities for girls in military schools, defence schools and even in the army. Over the past 10 years, the number of women in central forces has more than doubled.
Whether it’s fighter planes or passenger planes, today women are proudly flying these planes in the sky, and the coming five years are going to be even more promising for them. This is ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’. During Congress rule, the journey from Chandigarh to Mandi was tiring, but today, the Atal Tunnel and the Kiratpur-Manali Four Lane have made this journey easy.
Now, fruits and vegetables from Lahaul are reaching Mandi swiftly, and tourism is also flourishing. Congress used to fear mentioning the name of Dalai Lama Ji, but he is the pioneer of India’s rich heritage and the Modi government has vigorously promoted this legacy.
Shri Modi stated that to please their vote bank, the Congress is even opposing the Ram Mandir. Congress used to mock BJP and say, “Mandir Vahi Banayenge Par Tareekh Nahi Batayenge.” The BJP provided both the date and time, but still Congress boycotted the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony.
Upon the completion of the 500-year-long struggle, there was enthusiasm across the entire country, but the Congress party could not tolerate it. A spokesperson for the Congress party has stated that if Congress comes to power again, they will once again lock the Shree Ram Mandir and they will send Bhagwan Ram back to the tent.
In Himachal Pradesh, landmarks such as IIT and IIM have been established, along with the creation of blood and drug parks as well as medical device parks. Himachal Pradesh is one of the first states in the country where the Vande Bharat was introduced. Empowering farmers, the poor, women, and youth stand as a key priority for Modi.
5 Kg free food grains are being provided, healthcare coverage up to ₹5 lakh is being provided and farmers are receiving ₹6,000 under PM-Kisan Nidhi. Modi is dedicated to make 3 crore ‘Lakhpati Didi’. The PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana is set to commence, aimed at ensuring zero electricity bills for people by providing ₹75,000 for the installation of solar panels in households.
Modi is committed to ensuring that no child should sleep hungry. That’s why the PM Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojna will continue for the next 5 years. Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi ji has called for support for the lotus symbol, aiming for a resounding victory for the BJP candidate to form the Modi government for the third consecutive term.



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