“Unexpected Turn: Kalyani’s Question Leaves Sehaj Stunned

Chandigarh : We saw in the previous episode that everyone was astonished when Meher accused Sehaj of having an affair with her husband. In the next episode of “Sehajveer”, Sehaj bashes Meher and Vikram for questioning her. Kalyani asks Sehaj, “You know Veera? How does she look?” Sehaj stunned.
On the other hand, Sehaj and Kabir empower each other in these tough times. Will Veera punish Mehar for this mistake or not? Will Sahaj be affected by Kabir’s words? Has Kalyani come to know about Veera’s reality or not? Watch an interesting “Sehajveer” episode Mon to Sat at 8:30 pm only on zee punjabi.


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