Global Tribune Celebrates World Music Day with Musical Excellence Awards 2023-24

Soumita Saha and Sarbajit Ghosh Among Winners at Global Tribune Musical Excellence Awards

Mumbai : World Music Day epitomizes a global celebration of music, featuring events, new releases, and myriad musical phenomena. In this spirit, Global Tribune proudly announces the Global Tribune Musical Excellence Award 2023-24, dedicated to honoring diverse artists and their innovative and traditional creations.
This accolade seeks to recognize and celebrate the unparalleled contributions of musicians who enrich our cultural tapestry through their exceptional artistry. Global Tribune’s Assistant Editor Aditi Acharyya Roy added ” We have undertaken the initiative to honor the Original creations of both eminent and emerging artists.
Beyond originals, we celebrate those who have excelled in traditional works. This inclusive endeavor transcends linguistic barriers, awarding songs in regional languages, as well as Hindi and Sanskrit, thus embracing the rich diversity of our musical heritage. ”
Singing sensation Soumita Saha’s Valentine’s Day release, “Teri Ore,” triumphed as the ‘Best Indie Song’ winner. This mesmerizing track, launched under Melotunes, showcases Saha’s multifaceted talent—she not only penned and composed but also exquisitely performed the piece.
The music production, a testament to her prowess, further highlights her as a remarkable singer-composer. Saha’s “Teri Ore” epitomizes indie excellence, captivating listeners with its enchanting allure. Popular Singer Sarbajit Ghosh’s song ” Kolohilloley” got bestowed with the recognition of ‘ Best Romantic Song ‘ .
This song is from Ghosh’s album ‘ My Love ‘ that released from Shemaroo Entertainment. Emerging talents Pramith Ganguly and Prachi Ganguly have garnered acclaim with their songs “Zindagi” and “Ebhabeo Toh Phirey Asha Jay,” winning ‘Best Indie Song’ and ‘Best Regional Indie Song,’ respectively.
“Zindagi” was released under Pramith Ganguly’s independent label, Pramith Ganguly Originals. Meanwhile, “Ebhabeo Toh Phirey Asha Jay” was launched by Friends Communication Music, the esteemed label of the renowned production house Friends Communications.
This recognition highlights their exceptional artistry and contributions to the indie music scene. “YouTube sensation Abir Biswas’s original composition “O Maahi Re,” performed with emerging singer Indrani Barman, clinched the ‘Best Soulful Duet Song’ title. Meanwhile, Jaya Nag’s “Chirag” secured the accolade for ‘Best Soulful Song.’
Dr. Madhumita Saha’s “Stotram” and Gautam Debnath’s original composition “Man Mandir Mein” clinched the ‘Best Devotional Song’ title. Renowned as an ace sound recordist and sound engineering specialist, Debnath is a luminary in Kolkata’s film and independent music scenes.
These accolades underscore their profound impact on devotional music, blending spiritual depth with technical brilliance, and elevating the genre to new artistic heights.Speaking about the Award Sarbajit Ghosh added “I am thrilled that my song “Kolohilloley” won Best Romantic Song.
Independent artists invest immense effort in our originals, and such recognition inspires us to continue creating with passion. Soumita shared, “When I released ‘Teri Ore,’ I confessed on social media about my initial skepticism. After composing it, I felt it radiated a sense of immaturity. But later, I realized that purity in love profoundly connects with immaturity and innocence.
The audience’s love reassured me that it’s okay to view emotions from a teenager’s perspective. Winning ‘Best Indie Song’ at the Global Tribune Musical Excellence Awards validated my belief. I’m not just thrilled; this recognition has broadened my creative horizons, encouraging me to explore emotions across all ages.”




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