‘Bigg Boss 15’: Sofia Hayat says Rakhi, Ritesh are a real couple

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Mumbai : After many ‘Bigg Boss’ fans posted on social media that Rakhi Sawant has falsely introduced a cameraman of the reality show as her husband, her friend and ‘Bigg Boss 7’ contestant Sofia Hayat has come out in her support.She says: “I feel sad that people make rumours and statements about someone without checking any facts, which is completely unacceptable and wrong. I have been to Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh’s marriage virtually and it happened for real. Rakhi is my friend and she has shared with me also and now on the show also, that she was in trouble when Ritesh came to her life and worked miracles.

I stand with them.”Sofia later also said that Ritesh is an NRI who came to India only for Rakhi as she wanted him on the show. “Ritesh is a kind-hearted man. Rakhi is not after his money. She married for love. I love them both. I gave them my blessings for their relationship. He is an NRI, but again who cares about all of that when they are in love. Can we celebrate the love that they have. Love is beautiful. I request you not to judge anything unless we know the truth.”Sofia is known for ‘Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki’, ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ and ‘Superdude’.



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