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Messiah of Humanity ‘Dr. S. P Singh Oberoi

Chandigarh : A businessman turned philanthropist who is lovingly referred to as ‘The Savior Singh’ by the people. The man who donates all his income, all his life, towards the welfare of people. He ensured not even one soul in the entire state of Punjab slept hungry during the Covid times. He was honored with SDG Special Humanitarian Award 2020 by ‘United Nations Development Program’ for his exceptional contribution to humankind. He was the one who paid ‘Blood Money’ to save hundreds of Indians from the Death Penalty in the UAE. His Philanthropic Initiative Sarbat da Bhala doesn’t work on external donations. It would be great if you can feature his work in your reputed publication. I have attached his existing media coverage and a few of his achievements for your reference. Kindly let me know how we can take this forward.



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