CGC Jhanjeri staged International Graduate Ceremony

Students from African and SAARC Countries also Visited Campus

CGC Jhanjeri, Chandigarh Group Of Colleges, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Jhanjeri, International Graduate Ceremony, International Student Welfare organization, Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, Arsh Dhaliwal

Jhanjeri : The International Graduate Ceremony was celebrated at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri in collaboration with the International Student Welfare organization. Nearly 30 graduates from various institutions were awarded degrees at CGC Jhanjeri. Various students visited the campus and participated in this event.Participants at the event converged from more than 12+ African and SAARC countries, such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Congo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Bangladesh, etc. Praising of the hospitality of CGC Jhanjeri, students were delighted to have paid a visit to this college and were mesmerized by the upbeat and clean campus.
They were highly appreciative of the rich green areas maintained here. Exhibiting their talent, some of them sang songs, did mimicry or other cultural activities and entertained everyone.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President CGC and Arsh Dhaliwal, MD CGC Jhanjeri said at the moment that It has been an enriching experience not just for international students but for local students as well. CGC Jhanjeri has a perfect amalgamation of multi-cultural environment where students grow not only academically but also learn to be appreciative of diverse cultures.


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