AAP leaders to go on hunger strike in front of Municipal corporation Bhawan Chandigarh against BJP’s fraud in election

Chandigarh police used force against peacefully protesting AAP leaders, arrested them, Dr Ahluwalia also suffered head injuries at the hands of police

Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chandigarh leaders are protesting against the rigging in Chandigarh Mayoral election and now they will also stage a relay hunger strike in front of Municipal Corporation Bhawan in Sector 17.
Informing about the same during AAP’s protest on Sunday, AAP Chandigarh co-in-charge Dr Sunny Ahluwalia told the media that daily, starting from today, five AAP leaders (one councilor and four volunteers) will do hunger strike for 24 hours and then the next day another five leaders will be fasting against the murderers of the democracy.
Dr Ahluwalia said that it a relay hunger strike against the ‘vote chor BJP’ and to save our democracy and it will go on until action is taken against Anil Masih, presiding officer who is responsible for rigging in Mayor election, and fake mayor of BJP is removed.
Dr Ahluwalia said that Anil Masih is not an officer who was appointed for overseeing the mayoral election he was a dacoit of the BJP, he is minority wing secretary of the BJP. He murdered the democracy in Chandigarh on January 30th and all the senior AAP leaders of Chandigarh, including Pradeep Chhabra and Chandarmukhi Sharma, Prem Lata and all councilor, have decided to stage a demonstration against it.
He said that apart from this AAP will also hold candle marches at prominent places of Chandigarh like Rose Garden and Sukhna lake and we will also go door-to-door to aware people against dictatorship of the BJP.Ahluwalia further said that there’s also a hearing about this matter in the Supreme Court tomorrow at 10:30 AM and we are sure that the court will also be in favour of us who are fighting against the BJP’s injustice.
He said that the whole country witnessed BJP’s foul play in the Chandigarh Mayor election, we always knew that BJP resorted to unfair means to win elections but this time their rigging is recorded on the live video. He said that at the time of election BJP councilors and nominated members were standing in the well to cover Anil Masih when even the media wasn’t allowed inside to cover the election.
BJP councilors marked our councilors to stop them from raising their objections.AAP leader said that this means there is no need to hold elections, just do fraud and let the BJP win every election. The alliance had a total of 20 votes, and the BJP only had 16 yet they made their mayor with force and unfair means, and we are protesting against these unconstitutional activities of the BJP.
Later the Chandigarh police used force against peacefully protesting AAP leaders and in their push off AAP Chandigarh co-in-charge Dr Ahluwalia’s turban was removed and he also suffered head injury. Chandigarh police also arrested many AAP leaders.





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