Actress Anupama Solanki Opens Up About Childhood Body Shaming and Advocates Self-Acceptance

Mumbai : Anupama Solanki, renowned for her role in ‘Nath-Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani,’ recently shared her experiences of facing body shaming during her childhood and emphasized the importance of self-acceptance. The actress encouraged individuals to be thankful for their appearance and addressed the pervasive issue of body shaming in society.

Reflecting on her own encounters with body shaming, Anupama Solanki revealed, “Sad, but everyone faces body shaming once in their lifetime. Whoever you are, surely you will face body shaming. During my childhood, I faced body shaming because I was very thin and started drinking milk with ghee without telling my family.”

Acknowledging the prevalence of judgment based on appearance, she expressed, “So I feel that we should ignore those creepy people who are used to commenting, but sometimes you should reply to them because they enjoy shaming people.”

Anupama highlighted the societal tendency to judge individuals based on their looks, stating, “We judge people by their looks. Even darker boys and girls are stared at and commented upon in schools, colleges, offices, and even in the entertainment industry.”

Critiquing the conservative nature of society, she added, “Our society is very conservative. They judge you easily for your complexion or your body type. There is a proverb called the first impression is the last impression, and this is absolutely wrong. People cannot accept a man who gets down from a Mercedes because he has a big belly or dark complexion.”

Addressing the prevalent issue of body shaming in the entertainment industry, Anupama asserted, “Body shaming is too much in the entertainment industry, but people don’t talk in front of you like the way people taunt you in real life.”Offering a solution to combat body shaming, she concluded, “I feel there is only one solution.

Accept the way you are and be thankful to God about the way you look. God decided whatever is best for you. Also, try and answer back anyone who body shames you so that they stop harassing people.” Anupama Solanki’s candid revelation sheds light on the need for societal change and emphasizes the significance of embracing one’s individuality while discouraging the harmful practice of body shaming.





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