Sandalwood actress Pranita Subhash launches ‘Parthi Well Woman Clinic’ at Aster RV Hospital

Bangalore : The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Aster RV Hospital launched ‘Parthi Well Woman Clinic’. The event was inaugurated by popular Sandalwood Actress Pranitha Subhash.

Through the initiative, the hospital is offering complimentary Pelvic Scan at Aster RV Hospital till 30th April 2023 to create an awareness on endometriosis which is generally a neglected issue.

The name aptly titled ‘Parthi’ which translates to ‘Female Warrior’ is a tribute to all the women who combat various health issues due to Endometriosis in their day-to-day life. Commending the initiative by Aster RV Hospital, actress Pranitha Subhash said, “Women are classically conditioned from a young age to bear pain.

It could be physical, emotional or mental in nature. Throughout our lifetime, we endure period pain, labor pain and pains related to gynecological issues. Most often, these pains can be eliminated or at least be minimized through proper diagnosis and treatments.

‘Parthi’ aims to do that through creating awareness of endometriosis through diagnosis. Dr. Sunil Eshwar, Lead Consultant – Laparoscopic Surgeon, Aster RV Hospital said, “Endometriosis, a gynecological condition characterized by endometrial-like lesions outside of the uterus, has variable clinical presentations.

Despite the serious impact endometriosis can have on the quality of a woman’s life, it alarmingly takes an average of eight years from its onset of symptoms for a woman to be diagnosed with endometriosis, and as many as six out of every ten women remain undiagnosed.”

“Some of the most common misconceptions about the condition include the normalization of severe period pain. This normalization pattern of dysmenorrhea (often referred to as menstrual cramps) and other menstrual pain symptoms cause women, particularly adolescents, to avoid seeking medical attention leading to delays in diagnosis and progression of the condition with further negative impacts on quality of life and fertility.

Too much stigma surrounds a women’s menstrual cycle and the associated painful symptomology. A patient’s own knowledge gap may lead to delayed diagnosis.Historically, healthcare professionals are the primary sources of health education.

However, the rise of technology, internet and social media has enabled a shift in knowledge sources to a more individualized approach to symptom recognition,” Dr Sunil further added.
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