Devansh and Jasmine: A love affair or a wicked plan?

Chandigarh : The viewers were astounded to watch Nayan and Devansh get closer, but Jasmine is prepared with a new strategy to draw Devansh’s attention to herself.Today’s episode will give the audience a shock where Devansh will be seen helping Jasmine eat food with his hand.

Why does this happen? According to Jasmine and Rita’s new plans, jasmine pretends to have fallen and been severely injured which is why she acts of being disabled to do some things on her own. But Nayan, who was delighted that Devansh had finally taken an interest in her, is shocked to find him so near to Jasmine.

The race to lure Devansh is consistently changing its face which has left the viewers wondering what Nayan’s new defence would be. Has Jasmine hit the right spot this time or if it is going to be another miss? It will be amazing to watch today’s episode of Nayan Jo Vekhe Unvekha at 8:30 PM on Zee Punjabi.


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