High Court’s Warning Falls on Deaf Ears: Preneet Kaur Exposes Kejriwal’s Indifference to Delhi’s Children

Preneet Kaur Sounds Alarm: Kejriwal's Inaction Threatens Delhi's Children's Future Despite Court's Warning

Patiala : In a scathing indictment of Arvind Kejriwal’s administration, Member of Parliament for Patiala Preneet Kaur exposed the harrowing consequences of Kejriwal’s callousness towards Delhi’s education system. Despite the High Court’s damning verdict, Kejriwal remains shamelessly indifferent, prioritizing personal ambition over the welfare of Delhi’s youth and the nation.
Delhi’s education system now lies in ruins, with schools grappling with a severe shortage of textbooks, stationery, uniforms, and school bags. The High Court’s reprimand, echoing the frustrations of countless Delhiites, fell on deaf ears as Kejriwal clings to power, unmoved by the plight of the Delhi’s children.
BJP candidate and incumbent Member of Parliament for Patiala Preneet Kaur condemned Kejriwal’s blatant disregard for the values enshrined in Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution, asserting that his negligence has not only jeopardized the future of Delhi’s youth but also undermined the very foundations of democracy.
Kejriwal’s failure to heed the High Court’s admonition highlights a disturbing trend of governance focused solely on self-interest, with little regard for public welfare. The ramifications of Kejriwal’s negligence extend beyond the classroom, as crucial committees remain paralyzed in the absence of effective leadership.
With Kejriwal languishing behind bars, these committees lack the direction necessary to address pressing issues, leaving children stranded and their futures in disarray. Preneet Kaur pulled no punches in her critique of the Aam Aadmi Party, slamming its hollow promises and empty rhetoric.
She argued that if Kejriwal truly cared for Delhi’s children, he would have resigned as Chief Minister to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of public services. By clinging to power, Kejriwal exposes himself as a leader driven solely by personal ambition, with little regard for the welfare of Delhi’s citizens.
As Delhi’s education system teeters on the brink of collapse, Preneet Kaur called on Kejriwal to step down and allow competent leadership to restore dignity and purpose to Delhi’s schools. *Kejriwal’s actions have laid bare the true essence of AAP as the “Arvind Alone Party,” revealing their sole concern for Arvind Kejriwal over the welfare of Delhi’s children and the public, despite their hollow claims to the contrary.*



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